Welcome Home! Welcome to ReVent's Dream platform!

Here we share our wildest, biggest, smallest and most cosy dreams we have for our burn with each other Here we search for co-dreamers or maybe randomly someone had a similar dream and you join forces to co-create your dreams. magic.

Here we ask for this one unique thingy, that we need for our dream that someone might happen to have in their basement.

And here we can get all excited by looking through what others dream about. Dreams can be about building or creating a space at the location, holding an event, shaping our collective culture through proposing small acts, installations and many more things. We encourage dreams which enable people to meet and are for the gain of the entire atmosphere of the wonder that is to be ReVent.

Here you can also apply for some of the 27000 DKK to cover some of your material necessary for your dream. You list, what you would like to buy and what the price is. We encourage you to create your dream even if you do not end up with the funding that you hoped for. All material funded by the dream grant will afterwards go to Gearbox. Gearbox is the Copenhagen burner-based project for gear such as tents, gas stoves, lights, decor and more. This means that this gear is available at future events through Gearbox and thus an gift to the burner community. Only material for which you can provide receipts is funded, contact Mareike Christensen or Nina Lund Westerdahl if you have any questions.

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: You got a dream and it is awesome! So first you create a dream by clicking the yellow button saying "New Dream" From here on you fill in the form. Describe what you want to do, how its magic, and what you need (eg. co-creators, thingies, funds) to make it come true... If you do not need any funds for your dream, mark your dream as "0 DKK" in the budget.

Answer to a dream: If you would like to contribute to another dreamer's dream, co-create, offer some of the material, or offer advice, we encourage you to get in contact directly with the person who wrote the dream-proposal, and co-create the dream from there. The more we can reduce the amount of new material the more funds are available for other dreams - which means more dreams and more magic.

Vote on where the funds should go: While we have unlimited dreams, we have a limited amount of funds, and we need to distribute these. Each ReVent-membership holder gets to distribute an amount of funds to the dreams of their choosing. Every Participant can take part in deciding what the funds are used for by voting what dreams they want to support. The final amount of what each participant can distribute is published beforethe granting process starts.

TIMELINE: Create your dream until 23rd June 12.00 pm.

Vote on your favorite dreams 24th June to 4th July 12.00 pm.

HELP / ADVICE / HJÆLP / HILFE / AYUDO / PANIC / CONFUSED / QUESTIONS / ???? This platform is still under development and thus it does not run smootly in all cases. When it works right with your profile, you should be able to see a button to the right saying "New Dream". If you do not have that button, something is not working right.

Did you create a profile on Plato ? -> you should have gotten a mail to create a profile on Plato (ca. end of may- beg. of june). Find that mail and create a profile. Your profile should automatically be part of Re:Vent.

Did you not get a mail? If you already have a profile on plato, you did not get a mail, but when you log in you should be able to see Re:vent. If you cannot find the mail and do not have profile yet, ask Mareike.

Can you not create dreams? If you log in and can see Re:Connect then try to add yourself to Re:Vent. If you can still not create dreams, ask Mareike Christensen (kmareikec@gmail.com or facebook).

Any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Nina and Mareike.

🍕 Pizzaria Cheesus Crust 🧀🦞

A pop-up pizzeria serving the most cheesy and crusty late-night pizzas from a woodfired oven. Includes the classics : Anti-Chrust, Mary M's Vulva, Black Cheesus

Wake Your Wild

Activate, animate, & connect your wild animal within. Open the gates to the jungle inside and free your beautiful beasts through movement, breath, and sound.

Arrival ritual

To mark your arrival to the festival, a friendly group of humans offer to paint your face as you step through the Gate with some nice organic face paint

Sweat Lodge / Sauna 🔥🔥

Come sweat it out in the sweat lodge! To be used for rituals, sauna gus or just hanging out

The Haze Maze

As you enter the tent, a thick, fog envelopes you. Your eyesight all but gone, your other senses open and expand. The Maze is a platform for new experiences.

Genital-Shaped Ice-Pops

All-vegan, organic, no sugar added, frozen by solar power and with a compostable wooden stick.

NVC, writing, journalling, drawing...

Several workshops that includes pen and paper: NVC workshop. Writing freely. Self-help journalling. Drawing. Writing letters. Song writing. Association writing

The Connection Café

Creating wooden art and a lounge space to enjoy Authentic Relating games, Port, pancakes, smoothies and other gifts.

The Background Threat

In this art piece you will have the opportunity to experience how it is to live as a child under the threat of violence.

Sing-Song Around the Joanna

Let's have a sing-song! I'll bring the keyboard and schedule a couple of sing-song sessions. Anyone can lead a song and anyone can join in. Easy!

ReVent Choir

Let's sing together! We'll practice a few times during the burn, then drop a song-bomb for y'all at the end of the week.

Covid emotions game

Emotional expression in the age of the face mask

Inner burn

A chili tasting experience

Crystal Love Workshop

Wednesday evening we are repeating last years exploration of authentic connection with the crystal medicine catalyst. HC will of course be DJ'ing again.

The Gate

The Gate will be the first stop that reventers encounter. It welcomes people home, checks their membership, and provides information for all on-site questions.