ReVent Choir

Let's sing together! We'll practice a few times during the burn, then drop a song-bomb for y'all at the end of the week.

Tell us more about your dream

Singing in a choir is one of the quickest and deepest ways to connect with others and create resonance. It's fun and easy. You don't need any prior experience nor do you need to be a skilled singer to participate. You just show up and take part.

Rune and Amalie have kindly agreed to lead the choir at the event. We'll get together a few times to practice two or three songs that Rune is preparing, then perform them towards the end of the week.

Newman is coordinating and doing some of the admin, because they really want to be part of a choir again :)

Join us for a rich, embodied way to connect and be together at the Burn.

Are you looking for co-creators?


What material are you looking for?

We don't need much to make this happen.

There will be 2-3 songs and each song needs a double-sided A4 printed sheet with the lyrics on it.

To weather-proof this, we will laminate the sheets.

So we'll need:

  • 80 sheets A4 paper
  • 80 laminator sheets

The cost is around 200 kr.

Could your dream happen without any funding?


How can people contact you ?

FB: Newman Alexander, Rune Ytting Helldén, Amalie Ulla Pontoppidan Witt



A4 paper1 - 50 DKK
Laminator sheets129 - 130 DKK

Total funding goal: 130 DKK (stretch goal: 180 DKK)

130 DKK

funded of 130 DKK goal