Sing-Song Around the Joanna

Sing-Song Around the Joanna

Let's have a sing-song! I'll bring the keyboard and schedule a couple of sing-song sessions. Anyone can lead a song and anyone can join in. Easy!

Tell us more about your dream

I started playing the piano again this year after a 30-year pause. I'm really enjoying it and would love to share the joy with you.

So I'm proposing to bring my portable keyboard and make it available in the Café throughout the week.

I'll put a small number of singalong sessions on the schedule, so people know they can turn up at those times and either sing or play.

The rest of the time, the piano will be available for anyone to play on - either to practice or to entertain.

Are you looking for co-creators?


What material are you looking for?

It would be great if people can bring songbooks with well-known songs that people can play and sing. The more the merrier.

Could your dream happen without any funding?


How can people contact you ?

FB: Newman Alexander -- email: