NVC, writing, journalling, dra...

NVC, writing, journalling, drawing...

Several workshops that includes pen and paper: NVC workshop. Writing freely. Self-help journalling. Drawing. Writing letters. Song writing. Association writing

Tell us more about your dream

NVC Workshop: A Workshop where we go into NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and learn about giraffe and jackal language. How do we think about ourselves? How do we think about other people? How can we shift our perspective? A form of concious communication, so we can be more in the now and get our needs met, in the most respectful way.

Self-help journalling: How to use writing as a way to heal yourself. We will write letters to people who we have controversies with (without sending them). Writing daily journal; get into the daily rhythm of writing, being more concious of what we fill our lives with. Writing gratitude journals; focus on the positive aspects of our lives. Associative writing; to go deeper into the mind.

Drawing: Learn how to use different drawing methods. You are also welcome to jump in and draw freely, as a part of self-expressing and healing journey, taking care of your inner child. Draw with or without colours. Learn to mix and use the colours and make shadows and highlights.

Song writing: How to write a song lyric. How to start. What kind of rhythm are you going for in the song. The rhythm in words and sentences, how to mix them up nicely (or ugly, if you're going for that) Is there a theme, a concept you want to explore?

Open workshop: My idea is that this place/workshop is always open, so people can come and do whatever they need to express through the pen onto the paper.

At scheduled times I will offer the different workshops described above. If somebody feel the urge to co-create on a workshop - or maybe you have other workshop ideas - you are very welcome to join me! :]

Are you looking for co-creators?


What material are you looking for?

I have pens and a lot of paper, but if somebody have pen and paper they can share, it's warmly welcome.

If somebody has puppets for the hands - giraffe and jackal/wolf - then I would be happy to try them :] (maybe I'll buy them myself, as I think they'll come in handy later :P )

A tent/place to have this workshop - it could be in my own tent, but I think this place should be open 24/7, so you always can go there to process and express yourself through the pen and paper. ...?

Could your dream happen without any funding?


What is the absolute minimum you would need for your dream to happen?

A place with cover, so the pens and papers don't get wet.

How can people contact you ?

Mail, text/call me 28 49 62 36 or through messenger: Louise Boye



A place to have the workshop1 - 2 DKK

Total funding goal: 1 DKK (stretch goal: 2 DKK)

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14 days ago

Is there a place where I can hold a workshop? Please let me know :] - it could be outdoors, if the weather allows it.


funded of 1 DKK goal